LHEM is equipped with high-performance equipment to ensure various type of testing.

Tensile test machine 100kN INSTRON

Tesile and Compression testing at room temperature

Tensile test machine 600kN INSTRON SATEC

Tensile, Compression, Folding, Flattening, Flaring tests at room temperature

Charpy machine 300J

Charpy impact tests at room an low tempratures

Hardness machine WOLPERT

Hardness Brinell, Rockwell et Vickers, from 1 to 250kg

Hardness machine Vickers LECO

Hardness testing Vickers from HV 0,3 to HV 20

Micro-durometer SHIMADZU

Micro-hardness testing Vickers from HV 0,025 to HV 1

Binocular microscope Olympus

Magnification from x6.7 to x40 with digital camera

Microscopes OLYMPUS and ZEISS

Magnification x25 to x1000 connected to a digital camera

Digital Microscope KEYENCE

Possibility of 3D image reconstruction

Optical emission spectrometer SPECTROMAXX

Chemical analysis on Iron, Nickel, Aluminum and Copper bases

Others equipments

Conductivity meter, Ferrite rate, Heat treatment furnace, Polishers, Chainsaw, Band Saw, Portable Durometer ...